A talented poet and a very special friend…Thank you, Mohit! It means more than words can say and i never even dreamed to have a poem dedicated. My story…the way you feel and see it is something i’ll always cherish. My gratitude, dear friend.

Mohit Tiwari


There is a beautiful girl,
With a broken heart,
Tender and soft,
But her life is hard,
Her eyes are beautiful,
But tears are always floating in it.
She makes everyone smile,
But cruelity is in profound,
Thorough which she has been.
She has been torn between true love and deception,
And now
Painful events are shattered in pages of her history…

She is wading through cold water of a dreary ocean,
And lets hope for her that
she will find the shore very soon…

(Dedicated to a fellow friend)


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