I have only ever seen one picture of her,

She hides her eyes from me, from everybody.

Yet she bares her soul in the words she shares.

There is a place in her own world, she writes me away to be there.

Sometimes, happy words fail us and we must speak through our tears.

We must embrace our fear, tear the mask away till all is clear.

I wonder who broke my beautiful songbird, I wonder who stole the stars out of her sky.

I often wonder, if I loved her with what’s left of me could I bring her some peace?

Could I fix her, or are all these love songs a lie, and are we doomed to stand among our broken pieces?

Will our only healing ever come from the words we force onto pages and bits of parchment?

Will our memories of the past stay on the sheets of paper and away from our fragile hearts if we try harder?

I am desperate to know more about her, to understand more of her, to see her for all she is.

She is worthy to be loved, she is desirable, and though she is difficult & stubborn sometimes,

From head to toe, I am sure she is worth every minute of it, if only to see her smile.

I have only ever seen one picture of her, and maybe, one is enough.